Pay Per Click

Would you like to get more leads quickly? We can help you get near the top of Google for certain phrases within minutes.

So how does this work? Well, we work with you to identify the phrases that you want to be getting more leads from. We then use our knowledge of Google AdWords to help you get near the top of the listings for these phrases.

How long does it take to get near the top of Google? With a well written campaign, we should be able to get you near the top of Google within thirty minutes of us pressing “go”!

How much would I need to be paying on this type of campaign? You pay Google per click…and you set the budget! So, you might be paying Google a maximum of £10 a month. Or you might want to allocate a few hundred pounds a month if this is proving to be a rich source of new clients. Some clients might be paying £2 a week to Google for a few clicks. Other clients may be paying £500 a week for thousands of clicks and hundreds of leads per month.

What are the downsides of using Google AdWords to generate leads for your business? You have to pay Google per click. However, you have total control over how much you spend…and you can cancel or pause this at any moment. It is also easy to waste lots of money. However, this is where we can be really helpful! We have 14 years experience of constructing profitable Google AdWords campaigns. So we should be able to produce a really efficient campaign and show you how we are doing this as well! We have many Google AdWords certifications to help sure we are right up to date.

What are the upsides of using Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click advertising? We have seen this transform the level of leads coming into a business really quickly. You also have complete control.

How might this work for your business? It is common for us to select around 20 key phrases our clients want to be top for. We then spend around an hour building these campaigns. Then during the next hour, we usually start seeing the client’s web site near the top of Google! We agree a limit with you for how much you might want to pay for clicks each month. This could be £5 a month, £50 a month or £500. In fact, the limit is totally your choice. However, we recommend being conservative to start off with. Then, as this starts to work well, you might want to put more into it.

Do you think your company could benefit from a well-crafted Pay-Per-Click campaign? If so then please contact us and we can discuss what options you have…

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