Search Engine Optimisation

Are you looking to get to the top of Google for certain keywords? One option is to optimise your web site to help it appear top of Google for free! This is called Search Engine Optimisation.

We are not a Search Engine Optimisation Company! We hear of lots of companies who charge their clients hundreds of pounds a month and suggest that they will get them at the top of Google over 6 months to a year. This is not us. We do not think that Search Engine Optimisation is rocket science.

So how can we help you with Search Engine Optimisation? Well, this is often just a half-hour chat to point you in the right direction!

Sometimes we get more in-depth. We might be looking at the coding on your web site to look for faults that might be holding your company back.

We think that it is difficult to guarantee a top-level position on Google without paying per click. This can take months, or years and even then it is not guaranteed. However, even if you get to the top of Google, this can alter overnight. Google can change their rules and your web site may drop down to page 3 or 4…then all that work is wiped out.

However, this is not to ignore or belittle Search Engine Optimisation. If you can achieve a high listing for free, it can be really helpful and valuable.

We suggest that you give yourselves a great chance of getting high on the Google listings for free. We have experience over years of this and can help you do this too.

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